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Alien Abduction the Movie
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Alien Abduction The Movie
Documentary, True Story
Alien Abduction The Movie
United States
86 minutes
United States
Onwinges Productions

This is a new award-winning film about an historic 1975 UFO event.
Seven loggers encounter a craft of unknown origin in the Sitgreaves National Forest. One of the crew, Travis Walton, goes missing, igniting a firestorm of controversy lasting 40 years. TRAVIS combines new and archived interviews with the logging crew, police, and the polygraph examiner.
Walton explains why the forest, the highway, and the phone booth remain emotional triggers. Fifteen experts, including nuclear physicist Stanton Freidman, former FBI agent Ben Hansen, and journalist Lee Speigel explain why this story continues to astound investigators, researchers, scientists, journalists, and filmmakers in their quest for reliable evidence of other worlds, other beings, and more advanced technologies.
This fast-paced sci-fi style investigative treatment keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as it reveals how for decades ridicule has prevented serious investigation of the UFO phenomena.
Alien Abduction - A True Story debuted as an earlier version in numerous film festivals and has won 27 “Official Selections” around the globe.

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Producers / Co-Producers
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Jennifer W. Stein, director and executive producer began this project in 2013 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this historic UFO event, capturing personal testimonies on camera, offering a new perspective for an amazing story. Read More
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Since the mid 1970’s he has worked in all aspects of the film/video industry as producer, director, photographer, editor, audio and lighting tech for clients that include Merck Pharma., Johnson & Johnson, QVC-TV, PA MUFON, Unisys, McNeil Pharma., NFL Films, The Devereux Foundation and others.Read More
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Ben Hansen graduated from the University of Utah and went to work investigating child physical abuse and sex crimes at the state level for several years before moving on to work for the FBI.Read More
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Ron James played several roles in creating elements of the film, its supporting graphics and materials, including directing and creating special effects sequences and production support.Read More
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Jennifer W. Stein
Harnessing the power of the moving visual image to educate, inspire and empower, Jennifer uses film to help achieve important goals. Her interests are wide: peace projects, sensible gun ownership legislation, environmental awareness, and appreciation of ancient history, archaeology, and artifacts, UFOs crop circles, yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, and ESP to name a few. She holds a B.S. in textiles from the University of Arizona and comes from a family of artists and entrepreneurs.
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